Vatka is founded in Istanbul. A collaborative platform for creatives where we create pieces based around a changing annual theme.

We aim to create colourful, eco-conscious and unique garments at attainable price-point.

      The co in our name stands for many things;

       - Collective      
       - Collaborate
       - Colour           
       - Concept   

Each year we sit down and decide an annual theme. Throughout the year this theme inspires and informs our collections, photoshoots, and packaging. This allows us to share the story with you all year and take you on our creative journey with us. We don’t believe in seasons we believe in stories. When you love something it never goes out of fashion, and often the pieces we love have a story behind them. That’s why we aim to create pieces that matter to you and have a meaning, each garment has a story behind it, one we love and hope you do too!


It’s important to us to be responsible when it comes to creating fashion items and being transparent with our customers. We started our journey by giving life to dead stock fabric.
Dead stock fabrics are the surplus fabrics from the fashion industry that get thrown away to landfill or worse, get burnt. We also use vintage fabrics from Istanbul as an homage to our textile history and reviving old prints with new designs.
Our supply chain is spread over only 80km, which helps us reduce our overall carbon footprint by keeping it local. We also love supporting our local producers and giving them a second source of income from the otherwise, discarded fabrics.
All the fabrics we use are natural, at the moment all our garments are 100% cotton, and is designed to last many years so you can create your own stories and memories wearing them.
We don’t believe in mass production, we produce small runs of each collection and release them in drops. If collections are really popular we commission more drops to be produced. That way, we can avoid huge stock storage and wastage, reducing our impact further.
We are curious group and we are always searching for the latest innovations in the textile industry and in manufacturing processes. We work closely with the factories and sustainable material scientists to understand what the next steps are for us to further improve our footprint while maintaining the highest quality.
We love to learn new things, adapt and collaborate so get in touch if you think you can help us on this journey!

Vatka Co. 2020 theme is Eat Well     

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries; hello@vatka.co 


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