Virtual Nature | Sustainable Clothing | Vatka Co 2021 Theme

Virtual Nature

Vatka Co 2021 Theme is Virtual Nature

After a whole year of isolation and only being connected virtually did we actually realize how we lost our connection with nature?

This year we will be questioning the ongoing digital transformation and finding new ways to reconnect with nature. Covid 19 showed us how important it is to embrace the concept of circular fashion and maintain the importance of wellbeing of the human spirit.

Vatka: Sustainable Clothing Brand

This year we did not only use the most sustainable and innovative fabrics in the market but designed every item to be adaptable for different occasions and moods but most importantly last for many years!

Everything from the designs of the garments, the packaging and the creative photoshoots are all based on the “Virtual Nature” theme.

This year every design comes with a Vatka raw fabric bag (Not Plastic!) with a Virtual Nature Flower Cut Out designed by Istanbul Based illustrator Günseli Sepici.

Let’s see how creative you can get with the cut out ;)

In the end It’s all Virtual Now.

Hope you will all enjoy this virtual journey of 2021!


We create eco-conscious, sustainable clothing and accsessories at attainable price-point.

We only use the most sustainable and innovative fabrics on the market and all our garments are designed to last many years so you can create your own stories and memories wearing them.