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Our 2022 Theme: GAME

 Welcome to our 2022 theme of Game. Are you ready?

Let’s play!

Life is a playground. We create our own games to keep ourselves busy.

The games we play in our daily lives are no different than the video games.

Sure, maybe we don’t collect mushrooms, or rescue a princess, or win a car race… But we do collect happiness, we rescue our hopes from despair and we win our own races, at our own pace.

This year at Vatka, we levelled up.

Through playing with simple patterns, we have created our own unique Vatka prints. We have created our own fun! For bonus points, we invited more bold and vibrant colours to the Game, to spark new forms of joyful expression.

To control the Game, this year every order comes with a Vatka Co. Game Controller, to remind us that the power is in our hands. We control our own games, the games we are living in!

Dear Vatka players: We invite you to join the Game of 2022.



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