Fruit Salad Tee

Fruit Salad Tee is from our 100% cotton sustainable t-shirts collection. You'll love it so much

100% Cotton Sustainable T-shirts

With our 2020 theme of 'Eat Well' we wanted to explore the sweeter things in life. Long, lazy summer afternoons in the Mediterranean when the peaches are soft and the strawberries sweeter than sugar, the kiwis tart and the cherries perfectly ripe, comes the birth of the Fruit Salad Tee. We wanted to create the patterns straight from nature using the fruit as stamps to create our designs. The process started from using the fruit stamps which we used to design not only our new fruity tee but also the props and background for our photoshoot.

Product Details

  • Cherry, Peach and Strawberry designs on the front
  • Kiwi Design on the back
  • V logo on the back
  • Soft Brushed Fabric
  • Composition: 100% Cotton 
  • Machine wash according to instructions on care label
  • Made in Istanbul

Size & Fit

  • Girls are wearing size Xsmall
  • This style fits true to size
  • We suggest taking your normal size

size chart

We create eco-conscious, sustainable clothing at attainable price-point.

100% Cotton Fruit Salad Tee and our all sustainable designs are at vatka.co for you. If you prefer 100% soft cotton t-shirt, you’ll love our Fruit Salad Tee.

Sustainable And Eco Friendly T-Shirts

We’ve gone deep in the world of sustainable and eco friendly fashion as of late. With real effort, our focus is on sustainable and eco-friendly T-shirts. Simple enough, right? After all, t-shirts are about the most basic and ubiquitous of clothing. Which is exactly why it's so important to buy ones that are eco-friendly and sustainably made.I mean, you can’t spell “planet earth” without a few green tees. But as always, the most sustainable t-shirt is the one you already own. But if you need to buy new, you can choose eco friendly t-shirts. For those of us where time is of the essence, we think the best eco friendly t shirts are those made by 100% cotton.