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Void Mini Dress

Purple and Green 100% Cotton Strap Eco-Friendly Sustainable Void Mini Dress For Women

Purple and Green eco-friendly Void Mini Dress is made from 100% cotton.We believe it's critical to protect our environment, and we know you feel strongly about this, too. We want you to not just look great wearing our products, but to feel good knowing you support a brand that prioritizes the environment.

Welcome to the Void!

It’s fun here! We created a pixel pattern by distorting 2 colours into this everyday dress.

Is this the void… or did we just level up?

Product Details

  • Mini everyday dress
  • Digital Void Print
  • Purple and Green colours
  • Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash according to instructions on care label
  • Made in Istanbul

    Size & Fit

  • Model is 1 74 and wearing size XS-S
  •   XS-S M-L
    Total Length 83 cm 86 cm
    Waist Width 50 cm 52,5 cm
    Hip Width 54 cm 57 cm
  • Super Soft Purple and Green 100% Organic Cotton Sustainable Void Mini Dresses For Women and our all sustainable designs are at vatka.co for you. If you prefer super soft 100% cotton sustainable dress, you’ll love our Void Mini Dress. In our products we use organic cotton that is manufactured under strict environmental conditions – without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and requiring less water than conventional cultivation methods.
    We create eco-conscious, sustainable clothing at attainable price-point.

    We only use the most sustainable and innovative fabrics on the market and all our garments are designed to last many years so you can create your own stories and memories wearing them.We are curious group and we are always searching for the latest innovations in the textile industry and in manufacturing processes. We work closely with the factories and sustainable material scientists to understand what the next steps are for us to further improve our footprint while maintaining the highest quality.

    Sustainable And Eco Friendly Purple and Green Void Mini Dresses For Women

    Sustainable fashion has been an industry buzzword over the years, but eco-conscious design has become an increasingly important factor for designers, consumers and retailers alike in recent seasons. We’ve gone deep in the world of sustainable and eco friendly fashion as of late. With real effort, our focus is on sustainable and eco-friendly 100% cotton dresses for women. Simple enough, right? After all, shirts are about the most basic and ubiquitous of clothing. Which is exactly why it's so important to buy ones that are eco-friendly and sustainably made.I mean, you can’t spell “planet earth” without a few dresses. But as always, the most sustainable dress is the one you already own. But if you need to buy new, you can choose eco friendly dress. For those of us where time is of the essence, we think the best eco friendly dresses are those made by 100% organic cotton.