Vatka Bucket Hats |100% Cotton Bucket Hat |Sustainable Cl.

Vatka Bucket Hats

Vatka Bucket Hat is from our 100% cotton Eco-Friendly sustainable accessories collection. You'll love it so much. Our collection of bucket hats and all accessories unique pieces for a timeless style and eco-friendly sustainable slow fashion wardrobe.

100% Cotton Sustainable Eco-Friendly purple, navy, orange, green, blue Bucket Hats

Show your spring/summer style with sustainable %100 cotton bucket hats. We offer 5 different colours for you: purple, navy, orange, green, blue

Product Details

  • VATKA Bucket Hats come in 5 different colours!
  • Tightly woven canvas It's versatile and dependable
  • Flat top
  • Narrow brim bucket hat
  • Vatka logo embroidery
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Machine wash according to instructions on care label
  • Made in Istanbul

Size & Fit

  • Circumference: 57cm/22"
  • One size

cotton vatka bucket hat's size

If you prefer 100% cotton bucket hat, you’ll love our purple, orange, navy, green and blue bucket hats. In our cotton products we use organic cotton that is manufactured under strict environmental conditions – without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and requiring less water than conventional cultivation methods.

We create eco-conscious, sustainable clothing at attainable price-point.

Sustainable fashion has been an industry buzzword over the years, but eco-conscious design has become an increasingly important factor for designers, consumers and retailers alike in recent seasons. We only use the most sustainable and innovative fabrics on the market and all our garments are designed to last many years so you can create your own stories and memories wearing them.

100% cotton purple, navy, orange, green, blue Vatka Bucket Hats and our all sustainable designs at for you.